Yard House: A Hot New Restaurant in Gaithersburg

This December, Yard House took Gaithersburg by storm with its spicy wings and massive beer selection. The modern sports bar brought waves of hungry customers to the most happening spot in the city: Rio Washingtonian Center.

6 Crazy Things about Yard House

1) Happy Hour Comes 1-2 Times a Day

One Happy Hour is not enough. At Yard House, Happy Hour stretches from 3pm to 6pm weekdays and resurges from 10 to close Sunday through Wednesday. At this cheery time, several flavors of wings and pizzas are half price, and draft beers are $2 off. See a full list of Happy Hour savings.

beer pouring slowly in glass from bottle, foamy beer

2) There are 130 Beers on Tap

The extensive beer menu is sorted by flavor and depth. Spicy, malty, hoppy, fruity…there is always something new to try. The staff is passionate about their favorite beers and love to recommend different flavors. Aside from beer, there is an ample selection of wine, spirits, and fun cocktails.

3) Game Day Shakes the Walls

When the game is on, Yard House gets rowdy. Crowds of people, eyes glued to the screen, will huddle and cheer together, refreshed by their favorite game day treats. Football days are always huge, but Yard House also gets a crowd for soccer, hockey, basketball, and baseball. When needed, they even open their doors early to get everyone settled for a morning game.  

4) 100 Menu Items are Prepared from Scratch

Yard House is dedicated to culinary art. Unique fusion cuisine comes together with American favorites: chopped, mixed, and cooked fresh every day. It may take extra work and kitchen space, but the taste is well worth it. Otherwise, highlights like the poke nachos and ginger-crusted salmon wouldn’t be possible.  

ginger encrusted salmon with snap peas and carrots over sauce from Yard House restaurant

5) They Make Healthy Easy

On one hand, there’s the scrumptious wings and fried mac & cheese. On the other, the menu is full of equally tantalizing vegetable and fish dishes: ahi tuna, red quinoa salad, tomato bisque, sea bass, the list goes on. There are also numerous gluten-sensitive, paleo, and vegan options.

6) They Donate Wholesome Food Every Day

At the end of each day, fresh food is taken directly to the local food bank. Healthy meals prepared by hand are donated by the dozens, including fresh seafood, soups, and vegetables. These are not leftovers, they are unused foods that are donated while they’reir are still fresh and ready to be enjoyed. Dine in at the Rio Washingtonian Center or order takeout to enjoy by the water or from the comfort of home at Sawyer Flats, just three blocks away. Here at Sawyer Flats, you can settle in by the fire and enjoy a gorgeous view of the outdoors while in the middle of the city. Metropolitan life does not get better than this.

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