The Many Preschools of Southern Gaithersburg

As one of the main educational centers of the United States, Maryland is a hotspot for a variety of schools and learning programs. Families often choose to live in southern Gaithersburg and commute to Washington, D.C. for work. Others find lucrative and promising careers in Gaithersburg, itself, creating demand for a great variety of preschools in the area. Each school has a unique vision which sets it apart, giving the parents a choice of which preschool is best for their child.

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Balanced Preschools

Kiddie Academy inspires children to learn inside and outside the classroom, building on the natural foundation of curiosity. Special attention is devoted to getting kids excited about science, healthy lifestyle, social development, and educational fundamentals. 

The Goddard School of Gaithersburg provides a warm, nurturing environment in which children are encouraged to discover passions through play and bring questions back to the classroom. Much time is devoted to natural social development, which helps children to develop compassion for themselves and others, problem-solve, and discover new things with confidence and enthusiasm. 

The Georgetown Hill Early School PLAN® stands for Play, Learning, The Arts, and Nurturing. Children are urged to push their imagination to the limit and start looking ahead to a bright future. 

Epworth Preschool & Kindergarten values a balance of structure and free play: a chance for children to explore their interests freely before trying new things in a group activity. Cooperative activities are a significant part of the curriculum: a teacher introduces a teaching game then leaves it open-ended for children to bring it in a new direction.

Montessori Preschools

Little Genius Montessori is best known for its immersive Chinese program: young children learn Chinese by attending the school regardless of whether they have been exposed to the language before. As a Montessori school, the teachers listen and watch for the needs and interests of the children before setting up the classroom for the day and stepping back for the children to explore. 

Franklin Montessori School helps students find their passions and develop lasting skills, following a Montessori format. Alongside the school’s rich variety of learning opportunities, the foreign language team introduces Spanish and Manderin through interactive lessons.

Religious Preschools

Temple Beth Ami Nursery School makes joyful learning its mission, inspiring young children to cherish and learn about Jewish culture. There is great emphasis on curiosity and expression. Older children are invited to visit on Sunday mornings to learn Hebrew, prayer, and Jewish history. 

Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool provides preschoolers with the tools to excel at their own pace using developmentally appropriate teaching techniques. Children take part in bi-weekly chapel lessons where they learn the Bible through stories and song. 

Gaithersburg Presbyterian Preschool & Kindergarten celebrates each child as a unique individual, teaching friendship and understanding through example. The school is devoted to providing a holistic education, helping the mind, body, and spirit to flourish. 

Muslim Community School and Alim Academy hosts small nonprofit school, meaning each preschool classroom hosts an age range of 2-3 years, but they do their best to provide a Muslim learning environment that nurtures and prepares children for success. The community school also offers K-12 classes for families that wish to remain with the school.

Academically Focused Preschools

Sandy Ridge Academy is a private preschool designed to help children flourish academically through teacher-directed lessons throughout the day. Classroom activities have a focus on reading, math, and cognitive development. Children are regularly assessed for progress on learning fundamentals as they conquer milestones one by one.

When it comes to preschool, it’s up to each family to find the school that speaks to their personal philosophy. Southern Gaithersburg’s great variety of schools means it’s the right place to look.

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