How to Order Essentials from Home in Gaithersburg, MD

During the coronavirus outbreak, Gaithersburg officials are urging everyone to stay home if possible, avoiding crowds and only going out when necessary. To avoid being exposed to the virus, many are choosing to do their grocery shopping from home. Here are the primary resources for grocery delivery and other essentials in Gaithersburg. 

miniature grocery cart with tiny jam jars, syrup bottles, and spice shakers

Grocery Delivery

For groceries, Safeway offers its own delivery service. Many other local grocery stores, including ALDI’s, Costco, Giant Food, and H Mart, are available on Instacart. Both Safeway and Instacart generally offer same-day delivery in the Gaithersburg area, but there have been recent delays due to increased demand. It’s a good idea to set up grocery delivery a day or two before you run out of any essentials.

Specialty Food Delivery

Instacart is offering delivery from Sprouts Farmers Market, a great place to stock up on organic groceries. For fresh cuts of meat, Instacart is also delivering from the Balducci’s butcher shop. Check out the website of your favorite store to see what delivery and pick-up options they offer.

Drug Store and Pharmacy Delivery

For off-the-shelf medicine, Instacart provides delivery from both Shoppers Drug Mart and CVS. For legal reasons, delivery services discourage their drivers from picking up prescription medications for customers. However, CVS offers its own prescription delivery service

Pet Food Delivery

The Barking Cat offers its own delivery service of pet food and pet supplies. Instacart also provides delivery service from Petco. As with groceries, it’s a good idea to order ahead of time in case of delivery delays.

Note: Most restaurants at the Rio Washingtonian Center offer free delivery to Sawyer Flats residents. If your favorite restaurant doesn’t provide delivery to your part of the neighborhood, look for it on UberEats, Grubhub, Postmates, and Doordash.

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