How to Get Everywhere Via Public Transit from Gaithersburg, MD

Gaithersburg is a quiet city with a beautiful balance of people and nature just an hour away from Washington, D.C. It’s the perfect place to call home while commuting to the inner city.

Rather than driving the same long route to work every day, more and more people are choosing to commute by public transit. It’s not only better for the environment, it also buys people time to read a book, catch up with their friends, or take a power nap.

Public Transit Routes from Gaithersburg, MD

inside Shady Grove at Metro Station in Gaithersburg

Inside Shady Grove & Metro Station

Getting Around Town

Bus 54 runs north to south from Lakeforest Mall to RIO Washingtonian Center every half hour. From there, buses 74 and 76 operate every 15 minutes, providing a quick route to Shady Grove & Metro Station: Gaithersburg’s main transportation hub.

To the Capital

The Metro Red Line runs straight from Gaithersburg to the center of D.C., with a dozen stops along the way. It starts at Shady Grove & Metro Station and zooms through Rockville, Bethesda, and Friendship Village before arriving in the heart of D.C. The entire ride takes less than an hour. A Red Line train comes by every 4-12 minutes with more trains available during peak travel times.

To Baltimore

Getting to Baltimore from Gaithersburg is a quick 1-hour trip by car, but the public transit route takes a detour adding up to 2.5 hours. The fastest route by public transit is to take the Red Line to D.C. from Gaithersburg Grove Station (operating once every 4-12 minutes) then hop onto the MARC train to Baltimore (operating once every 30-60 minutes).

To the Airport

Gaithersburg is too small to have an airport of its own, so the most expedient route onto an airplane is to take the 74 or 76 to Shady Grove & Metro Station then grab the 201 to the Baltimore/Washington Airport. The 201 only comes by once an hour and the trip can take up to 2 hours, so it requires planning ahead.

Using public transit is a great way to save on gas, decrease your environmental footprint, and spend time on your hobbies instead of driving. If you are spending more than a few minutes a day getting to work from Gaithersburg, it is high time to look at other options.

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