The Best Places to Work in Gaithersburg, MD

Less than an hour away from the United States capitol, Gaithersburg companies are always hiring talented individuals, and offering competitive benefits. Discover the most in-demand places to work in and near Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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This Gaithersburg laboratory is doing great things, and the large crew of scientists, medical professionals, and statisticians is enjoying rewarding work. Three of their life-changing products are Synagis, a medication to prevent respiratory syncytial virus, Flumist, a flu vaccine delivered as a nasal spray, and Ethyol, a medicine that eases the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The team is proud of the work they do, and is well rewarded for it.

MedImmune primarily hires people with specific scientific backgrounds ranging between chemistry, biology, and pharmacy. There’s also call for engineers, programmers, and statisticians. Employees enjoy generous maternity and paternity leave, 3 weeks of vacation a year, 120 hours of sick leave, and a matching 401(k) up to 6%.

MedImmune is owned by the British- and Swedish-owned company, AstraZeneca, meaning most decisions happen overseas. This is perfect for employees who prefer to focus on their work, though others crave a greater role decision-making.

Marriott International

As one of the largest hotel chains in the world, Marriott International is one of the most exciting places to be a business analyst or accountant. There is a lot of demand for talented managers, administrators, and HR representatives to make sense of all that goes on in the multi-billion dollar corporation. Certain positions may require frequent travel between different Marriott locations. However, the vast majority of employees are rooted in Maryland.

All Marriott employees, from the front desk to the corner office, enjoy 3 weeks of vacation and discounted hotel stays as low as $19 per night. Pay and benefits are competitive in order to bring in the best of the best.

Mobility is one of the strengths of the company, allowing employees to pivot and vie for greater responsibility. The downside is this situation can breed a competitive atmosphere. However, there is great potential for any employee with determination and a sharp mind.

Lockheed Martin

With their headquarters in North Bethesda, MD, Lockheed Martin is best known for its accomplishments in aerospace engineering. They were the creators of the Black Hawk, the F-16, the U-2, and the SR-71. In addition to airplanes and helicopters, Lockheed Martin is designing the military technology of the future.

Many employees love the condensed 9×80 work schedule and focus on a healthy work/life balance. As a bonus for some, and a pain point for others, raises are based primarily on seniority. Skilled individuals are needed for every step of the creation process, from finance and administration to engineering and design, and finally, machinery and welding.

One of the greatest perks is the matching 401(k) up to 10%. Employees receive 2 weeks’ vacation and 1 week combined vacation and sick time, with the option of cashing out 80 hours per year. The only health plan currently available is high-deductible (and low cost for medical care), which is the preference of some but not all employees.

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